Pick & Match

/ MFADT Parsons : Mobile Design  /  Team : Soohyun Park & Joohee Yoon & Shu yu Lin

iOS mobile UI/UX Design

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 5.22.00 PM.png

Pick & Match is the iOS application targeting "Entertainment + 20/30 Singles". It was worked with a group, Soohyun Park, Shu Yu Lin and Joo-Hee Yun.  The app aims to be an ice breaker which can be good to play on a blind date. The app will give players chance to exchange each others information and ask random question - dig deep! As an extra the app features a scoring system which can be used to show how well the two-player matches (chemistry measurement/ fortune telling approach here) also points can be used towards rewarding points at partnering restaurants.