/ MFADT Parsons : Major Studio 2 /  

Physical Computing / Wearable / Interaction Design

The project, HUG, is aimed to bring a question what we lost from technology world. Technology brought a lot of opportunities of connection between people, but at the same time, it also affects us in a way of losing intimacy between people. From the project, Hug, I wanted to ask people how they feel when they do real intimate action between people like a hug. Don’t you miss real connection instead of connected through screens?  

 The project contains two sound effects: ' bee - ' sound which is similar to the sound of death from a hospital pulse data machine and ' beep! beep! ' sound that resembles the sound of live person from the machine. 

Participants will hear the sound of death ' bee- ' at the first time. The performer who is wearing the project will open her arms to let people to hug her. If the participants hug her, the sound will be changed to the sound of live person ' beep! beep! '. The project aims to let people to rethink about what we've missing (here, it focuses on HUG which is tangible communication between people). 


Hug : prototyping video

 The project is a wearable interaction design work. The reason why the work created with wearable technology is because the project should work in natural and casual interactive environment. Also, the project focuses on HUG interaction between people, the designer, Soohyun Park, tried to develop a wearable work.