Elevator to Space

/ MFADT Parsons - Creative Coding:  iOS /  Team : Soohyun Park & Gi Sung Lee

Topic :  iOS / Design / Develop (Swift) / UI / UX

Elevator to Space is an interactive game playing with Altitude sensor of iPhone's M8 chip (Core Motion library).  Users will explore graphics and interactive animations by approaching from ground level to space level. Users need to turn ON the altitude motion sensor by a switch when they ride elevator , especially when they go upper level in order to approach higher level in the game. 

It is a team project of two people : Soohyun Park (me) and Gi-sung Lee. I worked for developing the app with swift coding and interaction designer while Gi-sung Lee worked for illustration designer. We worked together for UI/UX. 

Interaction Logic :  

1. Switch on/off : Core Motion (Altitude Sensor)  active/ de-active

2. Elevator and Background img movement :  Based on total altitude data (sum of altitude data). the elevator position and background scroll view position are decided. 

3. Tab Elevator : Mark history which shows date and time on the left side of scene. ( Additionally, history pointer created.)

4. Tab history pointer : Show detail info ( floor and altitude info of the history )

5. When a user approaches to certain heights, a special animation appears. ( eg. 300 floor -> UFO with alien will fly in to the scene; 500 floor -> sausage dog in space-suit will fly in and floating around the space. )

*cf : Demo-version (current version)  has a UI Slider which can control total altitude data from 0 to 500 for testing interactive animation instead of using Core Motion sensor. 

Check Code ::   https://github.com/Elevator-to-Space/elevator-to-space.git