Memory Tree

/ MFADT Parsons : Major Studio 1 /

Interaction Installation / Processing / Physical Computing 

 The project, Memory Tree, is an interaction installation in which people can share their stories through the tree with their pulse input. After inputting a story, Memory Tree will give another story which has similar pulse rate inputted by others. The project basic background assumption is that similar heart rate variability relates to similar emotions. Therefore, people can receive similar emotional stories to their emotion. This project aims that people can feel comfort by reading other's similar emotional story. 


 The background of the projected scree in live video of the participant who is inputting story in front of camera. The intention of putting his or her face on the background is that effect on their feelings to write deep emotional stories they have by facing them through the projected screen on the wall. The concept came from the idea that people usually find it hard to tell a lie when they are facing themselves through camera.

 In addition, green texts will appear on the projected screen while a participant is typing. The green texts are actual texts that the person's typing. It intended to express a living tree when we are communicating with ourselves and with others. The color of leaves programmed to make relationship between pulse rate, so even each of leaves indicates their heart rate inside. In contrast with the colorful interactive projected screen, the input screen just shows black screen with white types appearance while you are typing. The solid black color aims to affect people to think stories they have in their deep thoughtful mind.