DJ 80's 

/ Maker Faire Exhibited Work /  Team : Soohyun Park & Hyungou Jo     

Topic : Web Design / Develop / UI / UX / Physical Computing / Node.js

The project's concept focuses on 80's disco. 

DJ 80's was exhibited in Maker Faire NY 2014.

Soohyun Park (self) worked as an interaction designer and developer (front-end and back-end) for the project.  DJ 80's has worked with Hyungou Jo who is a visual communication designer. She worked for the visual design work of the project. 


DJ 80's is a updated version of previous prototype, DJ BOX


    UI/UX Sketch 


   DJ 80's is a online game with a controller DJ box. The project includes a specific controller created by Soohyun Park and Hyungou Jo who are the graduate students at Parsons, The New School, studying Design and Technology. We made DJ 80's controller with physical computing elements - Arduino, buttons, switch, rotary(360deg) potentiometer and LP(record)s, etc. Its physical design resembles real music DJ mixing machine. The aim of its design is we wanted players can feel like they become a DJ while playing the game. Usually, people may think that DJ machine can be used by musicians only, and also it is hard to decide to buy a DJ machine for ordinary people because of its complexity and price. We wanted to build more user friendly - easy interface, simplified design -  DJ 80's to build suitable controller for the game. 

How to play the game?

 First of all, user plug in the controller to a desktop or laptop which can be connected to the Internet. Secondly, go to DJ Box website to play the game. Thirdly, users can choose a song they want to play with. Next, the game will be played. ( DJ Box players basically have to match the each falling beat balls by turning their turn table LP and clicking color beat buttons. While playing, the players can hear each sound effects while turning table and clicking color beat buttons which enhances DJing feelings. ) Finally, if the players pass the level, it shows its scores which can be ranked through online community. Otherwise (if the players couldn't pass the level), it shows grade "F" and "play again" button pops up. 

Check code (Github) :



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